Things could have ended much worse for motorcyclist on PIE -- if not for driver's quick reflexes

A motorcyclist had a brush with injury or even death along the PIE on May 25 after crashing into the rear of a car.

In a video of the incident posted on Beh Chia Lor - Singapore Road, the motorcycle can be first seen travelling rather closely behind the car on the expressway.

The driver of the car then pressed on the breaks as it approached a line of vehicles. The motorcyclist could not do the same in time and crashed into the back of the vehicle before falling onto the road.

Following the fall, he immediately pulled his arm towards his body, preventing it from being run over.

The driver whose dashboard camera recorded the video instinctively swerved his car left to avoid hitting the motorcyclist.

Read a caption on the video:

"Combination of biker's instinct to pull back his arms and driver's quick reaction prevented further serious injury to the biker who fell. 

"Speedy recovery to the biker and thank you Marcus for your quick reflexes and good driving."