Who's at fault? Biker crashes into turning car at Somerset

A motorcycle crashed into a car that was turning into a building at Somerset.

In a video of the incident posted on Roads.sg, the driver of the car can be seen attempting to turn into the building without signalling. Her vehicle was in between two lanes as she was turning right.

Just before the vehicle entered the building, a motorcyclist on the right-most lane of the road crashed into the side of the car.

The biker had initially tried to swerve the motorcycle to avoid a collision, but failed to do so.

Thereafter, the car driver alighted to check on the biker, who did not seem to be seriously injured.

Netizens have been divided over who was at fault.

Some said the driver of the car should have signalled before turning, while others blamed the motorcyclist for being too impatient and not paying attention to his surroundings.

Read a caption on the video:

"Both car (driver) and biker are in need of a refresher course to up their driving/riding skills.

"Hope rider is not hurt and wishing both learnt their lesson."