Thai man who allegedly killed elderly neighbour 'wanted to eat victim's liver'

A man in Thailand allegedly killed his 79-year-old neighbour and cut open the body so that he could eat the liver.

The incident occurred in Bun Kan's Bung Khong Long district on Sep 30, reported The Nation.

Police had found the& body of Ton Lunubon on a bamboo bed on the ground floor of his home, his throat slit and his stomach cut open.

A bloodied knife measuring about nine inches (around 23cm) was also discovered nearby.

Pere Jongthong, whose clothes were soaked in blood, was arrested by a police captain who had passed by the area on a personal errand and several other volunteers.

A lump, identified as human liver, was found in the suspect's pocket.

The 24-year-old was said to be in an "obvious substance-induced hallucination and talking incoherently" and detained in a cell at the local precinct until he could give a statement.

Jongthong reportedly told police that he had taken a mix of yaba and marijuana before going to visit the elderly man.

Feeling a "sudden urge to eat a human liver" and believing it would make him immortal, he then used a nearby knife to attack the victim.

Witnesses who passed by the victim’s home said they saw Jongthong cut open the elderly man’s stomach as if searching for something and fleeing when people shouted at him.

He will be charged with murder.