Taxi and motorcycle collide in Sengkang

Submitted by Stomper Tan

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A taxi and a motorcycle were involved in an accident in Sengkang on Tuesday (May 3).

Stomper Tan shared photos and a video of the accident site, which he passed by at around 5.34pm.

The taxi driver and motorcyclist, both of whom appeared to be uninjured, can be seen inspecting the damage on their vehicles.

Tan said: "I was running past the four-way intersection between Sengkang East Way and Anchorvale Road when l suddenly heard a loud bang behind me.

"l saw a collision between a taxi that was stopping at the turning lane and a motorcyclist who was apparently a Grabfood deliveryman. The cabby seemed to be a senior citizen and advanced in age.

"There was a slight traffic jam as a result of the accident.

"There have been frequent reports of traffic accidents nowadays. Therefore, it is important to always be vigilant and keep a lookout for one another's safety whether you are a car driver, motorcyclist, cyclist or pedestrian as it is everyone's responsibility to keep our roads safe."

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