Taiwanese rapper Nana Liang 'hurt' by leaked sex tape: 'I'm very scared'

The New Paper via The Star
Apr 20, 2023

Taiwanese rapper Nana Liang has become the target of a malicious attack after a private sex tape of hers was leaked online.

According to reports, an explicit video involving a female celebrity had been circulating online recently, and on Tuesday (April 18), Liang uploaded an Instagram story where she admitted that the woman in the clip was her.

The 31-year-old added that it was "recorded years ago" and that she had no idea why it was being leaked now.

"I never thought something like this would happen to me but it did. I just want to escape form everything.

"I initially did not want to respond whatsoever. I'm very scared, but I told myself that I need to face this issue courageously as I have people whom I deeply love and protective of," she said.

The rapper added that she felt "very hurt" by the situation and will be taking legal measures to resolve the issue. In the meantime, she urged everyone to stop spreading the video.

Many fans have since left encouraging words under Liang's social media posts. Her current boyfriend, who's not from the entertainment circle, also spoke up in support of her.

"Sometimes you just want to live a good life, but it is so difficult," he said in an Instagram story.

According to HK01, Liang revealed in a past interview that an ex-boyfriend had secretly recorded a video of them being intimate while she was drunk.

She said she only knew of the video's existence after a good friend, who later helped delete the clip from the man's computer, informed her about it.

Some netizens have suspected that Nana's old beau, Taiwanese actor Lee Hsin Chiao, is the man in the video.

Responding to these allegations, Lee wrote in an Instagram Story this morning: "It's not me!"

He also posted an image of his middle finger and wrote: "Can't you just live out your life by yourself? Don't bring me into every situation!

"And I do not, do not, do not, do anything like this!"

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