Student's passion for music blossoms at ITE, receives Lee Kuan Yew CCA Award

This article was contributed by the Institute of Technical Education (ITE).

Esther Joice Tan Xuan Ting
Nitec in Business Services @ ITE College Central
Recipient of Lee Kuan Yew CCA Award 2022

Music, the Motivator

At a young age, Esther was enthralled by songs from cartoons and music played by her parents. Esther’s journey into the realm of music began during her primary school days when she joined a brass band club. In secondary school, she became interested in different genres of music and joined a choir. Esther’s potential in music blossomed when she joined That Acapella Group (TAG) as Music Director in ITE.

Apart from music, Esther shone as the President of Student Icons. She coordinated marketing efforts in producing promotional videos and oversaw content generation for social media posts on College events. She also embarked on several community projects. For a food donation drive, she initiated contact with Food from the Heart, a charity organisation, to support this activity. Esther’s leadership qualities and dedication to community service gained the respect of her peers. 

From the Heart

“In my journey at ITE, the lecturers really take care of our well-being. They are willing to hear my concerns and help me gain confidence when I am in doubt. Besides that, ITE has given me opportunities to learn new skills and participate in activities, such as ACE programme which equips me with leadership skills. I enjoyed learning at ITE as it provides a comfortable and lively learning environment.”

Life after ITE

  • Esther is pursuing Higher Nitec in Early Childhood Education at ITE College Central.

  • She aspires to be an Early Childhood Educator to encourage learning in children while nurturing the children’s sense of belonging.

 Top Achievements

  • Esther received several accolades such as Lee Kuan Yew Award for All-Round Excellence (2020), Rotary-ITE Student Excellence Award (2021), ITE CC Service Star Gold Award (2020) and Edusave Character Award (2019).

  • She was on Director’s List in 2020 and 2021 and attained a Grade Point Average of 3.946. 

  • Esther’s contribution to TAG is instrumental in the team’s winning of the Gold Award at the Acapella Championship 2021. Esther was in-charge of arranging music pieces, recordings and practice sessions.

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