Stomper's mum gets vulgar text from alleged loan shark despite not borrowing money

Submitted by Stomper Latiff

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Stomper Latiff wrote in to Stomp in hopes to spread an awareness of scam messages allegedly sent by loan sharks after his mum received one at about 5pm on Monday (Sep 10).

She then forwarded a screenshot of the text to him.

The sender of the text warns the recipient to pay a "late fee" of $730 or else "your f****** house kena paint".

Latiff said: "My mum didn't reply to the text but she felt frustrated and told me to make a police report.

"I tried calling the number that sent her that text but no one picked up.

"I believe this is probably a scam because I don't know anyone in my family who makes such loans.

"Beware of such text messages."

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