Text from foreign number offers woman $100k prize for her 'singtal' number -- in broken English

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A woman received a message claiming that "your Singtal number has won $100,000" in the form of a poorly written text.

A Stomper alerted Stomp to a post of the incident that was shared by Facebook user Princess Roxas Valenzuela.

The post starts off with a "Hahaha!!!", which already hints at the absurdity that is to come.

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The three photos that accompanied the post attempts to guide the woman along as to how she can claim her "prize of $100,000".

The message claimed that it's from "singtal company" and asked the woman for her account number and for her to "take a two photo your bank card front said and back said".

To heighten the authenticity of the message (and failing miserably), a photo of a "Singtel supervisor" is also sent.

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