Stompers enjoy beautiful sun halo from all over Singapore

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Singaporeans all over the island were treated to the sight of a beautiful sun halo on Wednesday (July 28).

Several Stompers shared photos they captured of the optical phenomenon from Tampines and Whampoa to Clementi and Raffles Place.

Photo taken at Tampines by Stomper Karan Vir Singh

One Stomper was surprised to see a ring around the sun: "I have never seen such a sight and decided to snap a few pics and send them to you guys to share this unusual sight."

Another Stomper shared it was his second time seeing a sun halo, the first time being on Sep 22 last year.

Photo taken at Raffles Place by a Stomper

Sun halos are seen when thin cirrus clouds are so high in the sky that they are made up of ice crystals instead of water droplets.

Check out more photos in the gallery above.