Stomper sees many shoppers trying on shoes without socks, says shops have no solutions

Submitted by Stomper CH

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When you go shopping, do you make it a point to wear socks while trying on new footwear?

Stomper CH has observed that many do not.

"I have been shopping for sneakers and running shoes on and off since Singapore opened up two years ago," he said.

"I see many people out there not wearing socks to try out the shoes. I have talked to some of the staff at the shops. However, they also have no solutions."

Should this be a concern?

In 2018, UK newspaper Metro reported that a four-year-old girl caught life-threatening sepsis from trying on new shoes in a shop with her bare feet as she was wearing sandals without socks in the summer.

While her case is rare, it is possible to get an infection such as Athlete's foot, toenail fungus or a bacterial infection, though the chances are low.

But you can protect yourself by wearing socks.

However, shops do not usually make this a requirement.

When Stomp visited the Nike Unite store at IMM in Jurong East on Friday (April 14), shoppers wearing sandals or slippers could be seen trying on footwear with their bare feet.

This was despite the store providing disposable trial socks for shoppers to put on while trying on the shoes.

Stomp did not see anyone using the trial socks.

Should shops make it mandatory for shoppers to wear socks when trying on footwear?