Stomper pays $17.80 after getting charged twice at Malaysia petrol station

Submitted by Stomper KH

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Stomper KH was charged double when he went to a petrol kiosk in Gelang Patah, Malaysia, on Nov 6.

He was on his way back to Singapore at about 10pm and realised he needed to top up his tank with petrol.

He tried paying with his card at the card terminal, however, he could not as his card was offline.

KH said: "I had to go to the counter to try and use my card. The employee at the counter tried using my card, but the transaction did not seem to go through.

"I paid in cash, collected the receipt and left."

It was only when he was on the way back to Singapore when he realised he had paid double.

He paid $8.90 (about RM27.76) at the counter and another $8.90 by card, totalling to a payment of $17.80 (about RM55.52).

He said: "When I use my card, a text will be sent to my phone. I received a text and checked it. It stated that I had paid for the petrol in Malaysia with my card."

KH received the text, which shows he paid $82.30 (about RM250) at 10.19pm.

KH explained to Stomp how the e-receipt works and said: "When I receive a text for paying for petrol, it will state that I spent a default amount of RM250, but I only spent $8.90 (about RM27.76), which is the amount reflected in the printed receipt."

"I felt bad that I spent double the amount of money, even though the amount was not much.

"I am concerned about other people facing the same issue, which is why I'm sharing this. I don't really want the money back as it is such a small amount."