Stomper in 'disbelief' after paying staggering $3.30 for bottled water near TTSH

Submitted by Stomper Edmund

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Inflation and consumer prices are rising, but that doesn't mean it's been easy to swallow.

Stomper Edmund was 'astounded' by the extent of inflation in Singapore after buying a 600ml bottle of water at a 7-Eleven near Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) on Nov 30.

"To my disbelief, the cost was a staggering $3.30," he said.

"I initially assumed it was a cashier error and paid digitally without checking the price until after my hospital consultation.

"Upon later inspection, I found the price listed discreetly inside the fridge, indicating that a single bottle indeed costs $3.30, a decision supposedly made by management."

Edmund said he was puzzled and questioned the cashier about the 'exorbitant' price.

The cashier confirmed with him that the price was intentional and the pricing strategy was set by management.

"This inflationary trend is difficult for us to absorb, especially considering that a bottle of still water beside a public hospital now costs more than the same bottle at Changi Airport."

Edmund added that he wanted to urge others visiting TTSH to bring their own water, especially if they need to take medication.

"The cost of basic commodities in Singapore seems to be established without a clear benchmark.

"This experience highlights the need for transparency and fair pricing practices in such essential facilities."

The Straits Times reported on Nov 23 that core inflation rose to 3.3 per cent in October, breaking a five-month-long streak of core consumer prices rising at a slower pace.