Stomper gets "legal letter" from skincare clinic "demanding" that she remove 1-star Yelp review

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After leaving a one-star review on Yelp about her experience at Dore Aesthetics clinic, a Stomper received a letter asking her to take it down.

She soon realised that many Yelp reviewers had experienced the same thing.

Dore Aesthetics had advertised a "free trial" for their several of the clinic's treatments, including the pore minimiser treatment and laser hair removal treatment.

The Stomper had clicked on the advertisement and provided her name, email address and contact number.

A few days later, she was contacted by a consultant from the clinic who urged her to head to their clinic at Robinson Road for more details.

According to the Stomper, she said that the consultant assured her over the phone that there would not be any hard-selling of products or services.

She obliged and went to the clinic to speak to the consultant.

The Stomper declined to reveal the date that she went to the clinic to preserve her anonymity.

She told Stomp: "When I went there, she told me that I had to buy a package to receive the trial treatment, which was supposed to be free.

"I was upset at hearing that, but I stayed to listen to the price of the package she was about to quote me."

The Stomper declined to reveal the exact price she was quoted, but said that it was "way above the market price".

In screenshots of various Yelp reviews the Stomper sent us, the prices that the customers were quoted ranged from about $4,800 to $7,800.

The Stomper continued, saying: "The price of the package really shocked me and I told the consultant that I could not afford it.

"Then, the consultant told me she would ask her manager if I could receive a discount.

"When she came back, she told me the manager agreed to give me a discount of $1,000.

"The price of the package was still crazy expensive, so I declined once more."

The Stomper told Stomp that the consultant went back to speak to her supposed manager and came back with a discount of half of the initial price. 

The Stomper said she was shocked that the price dropped so drastically, but still did not buy the package.

After her visit, she said she decided to post her experience on Yelp and called the skincare clinic out for not being transparent in their operations.

To avoid any repercussions on her end, she declined to reveal her Yelp review or the date that it was posted.

Later on, she received an email and an SMS from Dore Aesthetics clinic's "legal department", which "demanded" that she take down the review.

In fear of what might happen, she told Stomp she immediately went online to take it down.

The New Paper reported on Tuesday (Dec 18) that many potential customers of Dore Aesthetics left similar reviews on Yelp and were told to remove them.

Many of the comments have since been removed.

The article also mentions that some of the letters sent bore a letterhead from Parwani Law, a law firm acting for Dore Aesthetics, while some bore a letterhead from Dore Aesthetics, like the Stomper's letter had.

Mr Parwani of Parwani Law said that they were "not aware" of the letters bearing the Dore Aesthetics letterhead and hence "can't comment further on them".

The Stomper added: "Even though I did not buy the package, I feel like a victim.

"I spent over an hour visiting their clinic, only to return with nothing.

"The worst part is many other people suffered the same fate as me.

"What angered me more was the fact that our experiences were made to be taken down from Yelp.

"I believe more people should be aware of what actually happened."

The Stomper also sent Stomp a screenshot, which she took yesterday (Dec 18), of Dore Aesthetic's Yelp page.

The name of the clinic on the page has since been changed to Door Medical.

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