Sichuan woman becomes bald after dyeing her hair 4 times in salon

A Chinese woman suffered burns on her scalp and was forced to go bald after dying her hair at a salon. 

The incident happened in the city of Deyangm, Sichuan province, in China, on Aug 1. 

The woman, Deng, had visited the hair salon to dye her hair ash green, a process which took seven hours and four rounds of dyeing, reports World of Buzz.

Her hairdresser told her that the colour was inconsistent on the first round of dyeing, and thus started the second round.

Deng felt that her scalp was burning at this point, but the hairdresser told her that this was normal, and asked her to endure.

After that, she dyed her hair a third time. 

Deng complained that her scalp was painful and said it might have something to do with the products used.

Her claims were refuted by the hairdresser once again who continued with the procedure.

However, to Deng’s horror, her hair turned apple green instead of ash green. 

Even then, the hairdresser told her that it was normal for that brand of dye’s ash green to turn into this colour.

Thus Deng underwent a fourth round of dye. 

By then, her scalp was so painful that she started tearing.

Even then, the hairdresser told her that it was normal and the pain would go away.

Finally, Deng could not handle the torture anymore and called her daughter to pick her up from the salon.

The hairdresser finally snapped to her senses and realised that something was wrong.

She quickly helped Deng to wash off the dye.

Deng was subsequently conveyed to a hospital for treatment. 

Dermatologist at the hospital determined that Deng was suffering from anaphylactic shock due to an allergic reaction to the dye and her scalp was covered in 40 per cent chemical burns. 

Left with little choice, Deng had to shave off her hair, as the doctors were concerned that there might be residual dyes which could cause a more adverse reaction.

Deng was hospitalised for five days.

She said: "I have always had long hair and I cannot accept my bald headed appearances now."

Following her ordeal, Deng has sued the salon for compensation of her medical fees and damages amounting to 60,000 yuan ($12418).

The hairdresser, however, said that it was the first time she had encountered such a case in over a decade of working, and agreed to only pay Deng 2,600 yuan ($538) for her medical bills.