Stomper catches two cars blatantly running red light at Tampines Central

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A Stomper caught two cars running a red light at the junction of Tampines Central 1 and Tampines Central 2 on Dec 18.

He shared a video taken from his in-car camera that captured the incident that happened at about 11am.

"The traffic light was showing a red light in favour of pedestrians," he said.

"The first vehicle blatantly ran the red light while a pedestrian in blue was crossing the road.

"Vehicle #2 followed a split second later and blatantly ran the red light too.

"The pedestrian had to slow down to avoid a collision."

This is not the first time drivers have been caught running red lights in Singapore.

In November, SMRT took disciplinary action against a bus captain who was caught on camera running a red light at Choa Chu Kang Drive.