Stomper amused by 7-Eleven's pricing of Pokka green tea in Yew Tee outlet: 1 bottle for $1, 2 for $3.90?

Submitted by Stomper Kieren

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Usually, when a store has a promotion, it would try to get you to buy more by offering a greater discount the more you buy.

So Stomper Kieren was amused when he spotted the unexpected pricing of Pokka jasmine green tea in a 7-Eleven outlet near the Yew Tee MRT station last month.

The photos he shared showed that the green tea bottles on the top rack were priced at $1 each while the ones on a lower rack were priced at $3.90 for two, which works out to be $1.95 per bottle, almost double the other price.

"Like that, I buy a bottle individually is cheaper," said the Stomper. "Funny 7-Eleven pricing."

Wait, you may interject, perhaps the bottles were different sizes.

No, they were all 500ml.

But if you read the fine print, the $1 deal was only till Nov 8 whereas the $3.90-for-two deal was from Nov 9 to 22.

So maybe the two prices were displayed to get you to buy the Pokka green tea sooner than later before Nov 9.

Although $3.90 for two was not as great a deal, it was still better than the usual price of $2.50 per bottle.

Stomp has contacted 7-Eleven for more info.