Stomp gives 'Goody Bags' to SMRT staff at Commonwealth station for helping blind woman on her daily commute

Netizens have commended the SMRT team at Commonwealth station for their big hearts and excellent service.

The heartwarming story of how the team ensures the safe commute of a visually impaired commuter was posted on SMRT's Facebook page and has been featured on Stomp and other publications.

For over a month, the team have ensured that Miss Junaidah travels safely from Tampines to Commonwealth and always has a seat while waiting for her colleague to escort her to work every single day.

Stomp got in contact with the SMRT team and headed down to Commonwealth station on May 26 to interview Station Manager Nicolas Kong on his team's kind gesture and unexpected fame.

""At first, we were very surprised that so many people have shown so much interest in this story, but to us this has always been just a common effort we have done every day," he said.

"The motto of our company is, 'moving people, enhancing lives' so we see that as part and parcel of what we do: Enhancing lives through these little acts of helping commuters to enjoy their journey with us."

Although netizens are more recently aware of what the team has done for Miss Junaidah, they strive to help all of their commuters every day.

"At Commonwealth station, many of our commuters around the area are actually elderly as this is a very old estate," said Nicolas.

"So from time to time, we help them with directions, carry their groceries and escort them out of the station safely to ensure they do not fall.

"Passenger safety has always been our paramount effort.

"This has become part and parcel of our job and become routine."

According to Nicolas, it is easy to show kindness to others:

"We see ourselves as one little portion, one little figure living in a community.

"These little acts of kindness do not involve a lot of money, time or effort.

"It's a basic way of showing love and empathy to another human being."

Stomp presented the SMRT team with a 'Goody Bag' for their kind act, as part of our efforts to recognise everyday heroes and highlight inspiring deeds.

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