Good job! SMRT staff at Commonwealth station help blind woman with her daily commute

Every day, without fail, the SMRT team at Commonwealth MRT Station will look out for Miss Junaidah, who is visually impaired, at the station platform when the train arrives.

Miss Junaidah will inform station staff at Tampines station where she boards the train every morning and the staff will ensure that she boards the train safely.

They also ensure that the Commonwealth station team are informed of the train car and door numbers so they know where and when they can expect Miss Junaidah.

After she arrives, they guide her to the station concourse where they provide a chair for her to sit and wait for her friend to accompany her to her workplace nearby.

The heartwarming story was shared on SMRT's Facebook page.

"I’m very appreciative towards the station staff. This is the first station that offered me a chair to sit down," Miss Junaidah said with a laugh.

Assistant Station Manager (ASM) Kurinjich Chelvi, who has been serving in SMRT for 29 years, said that she first noticed Miss Junaidah a month ago standing near the wall outside the Passenger Service Centre.

She also noticed how she would stand there for a while while waiting for her friend.

"From then on, after we receive a call from Tampines station, we will assign a staff to the platform to wait for her train to arrive, guide her down and give her a seat," said Kurinjich.

"No matter how busy we can be, we will never forget her.”

She added: "Serving passengers doesn’t involve any money, rewards or getting anything in return. It’s about showing kindness to everyone. It comes from the heart, you don’t need anything else."