Stefanie Sun's sister cuts ties with singer: 'I'm not a celebrity but yet I could not live privately'

Elaine Lee
The Straits Times
Jan 6, 2024

Mandopop star Stefanie Sun’s younger sister Sng Ee Mei has appeared to cut ties with the singer.

In a Weibo post on Jan 5, Ms Sng wrote on the eve of her birthday that she had tried to communicate with her elder sister through various methods since 2019 and she was tired from doing so.

“I’ve been living in the shadows for over 20 years and from today onwards, I just want to find liberation,” said Ms Sng, who reportedly graduated from the National University of Singapore with a masters’ degree in Medicine.

“I’m not a celebrity but yet I could not live privately. I just want to say that I’m no longer sisters with a certain someone.”

Ms Sng, who currently resides in Australia and is six years younger than the Singaporean singer, added that she did not want to get embroiled in fans’ discussions and speculations about the matter.

The duo has another sister Sng Yee Kia who is older than them, reported Hong Kong media outlet, Sing Tao Daily. According to her Linkedin profile, she currently works in the preschool sector.

“No one has it easy and I just want to live peacefully. The first half of my life was not easy. In the later half of my life, please allow me to have my own personal rights to live my own life,” said Ms Sng, adding that she apologises if she has done anything inappropriate as a younger sister in the past 40 years of her life.

“Whether it was intentional or unintentional, I hope that those who had hurt me will learn from their mistakes and find peace from within. For those who understood me, I’m grateful to you. I wish all of you will stay true to yourselves this year, and live a complete and fulfilling life.”

Fans of the singer have asked Ms Sng to delete the post but in response, she replied that if “someone stops her little tricks, I will also stop”, reported Taiwanese news outlet, Next Apple News on Jan 6.

Ms Sng’s conversations with netizens on the Chinese social media platform also revealed that she was unhappy that her parents appeared to favour her sister over her. For instance, her father often accompanied the singer to performances in China, but rarely visited her when she migrated to Australia.

In an earlier post in 2022, Ms Sng disclosed that she was unhappy after being secretly recorded by people while she was having lunch.

She confronted them immediately and even took a picture of them “cowering in fear”, adding that she did not have to move to Australia to “suffer the same things” she did in Singapore.

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