S'poreans outraged at UK chef for 'butchering' beloved Hainanese chicken rice recipe

We Singaporeans may have our differences but if there is one thing that brings us together and that we are fiercely passionate about, it is our food.

Remember Rendangate? Netizens were riled up when MasterChef UK judge Gregg Wallace told a Malaysian contestant that her chicken rendang was 'not crispy enough'.

Asian netizens slammed Wallace for not being knowledgeable about Asian cuisine.

Well, now another British chef has got Asians fuming.

On Oct 3, British newspaper The Guardian published a "Waitrose & Partners' Beautifully Simple" recipe for Hainanese chicken rice.

When most of us imagine chicken rice, we think of this:


However, the Waitrose & Partners version looks nothing like what many consider to be our national dish.

The recipe was featured in a podcast, and cooked by Lisa Faulkner, an actor and "celebrity chef" who won Masterchef Celebrity in 2010

Facebook user Jules K. Yim, a Singaporean living in London, posted a photo of the recipe on Oct 7 with the caption: "This is not Hainanese chicken rice. Ex-actress with no palate to speak of please stay well away from the food of my people and stick to your gloopy mush."

Here are the ingredients listed in the recipe:

  • Salad onions (spring onions)

  • Red chilli

  • Lime

  • Honey

  • Chicken breast fillets

  • Jasmine rice

  • Hainanese paste

Commenters were alarmed at the use of lime and honey in the recipe. They go into a sauce that is drizzled on top of the chicken and rice.

Another remarked on the absence of signature chicken rice ingredients such as sesame oil, garlic and ginger.

However, another netizen suggested that they could be in the "Hainanese paste".

Jules pretty much summed up how most Singaporeans feel about Faulkner butchering our beloved national dish.

Would you try this recipe?