S'pore driver shares 'scariest 10-minute chase' after getting tailed by car in JB

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November 10, 2022

A Facebook user shared an account of his harrowing experience on a Malaysian highway, when he was tailed by another car in Johor Bahru.

The Singaporean man, who goes by Naz Bart Morningstar on Facebook, said he was driving alone up north along a highway at Iskandar Puteri on Nov 7 when he noticed a white car with three people following him.

Dashcam footage he uploaded shows the white car speeding ahead of him and then slowing down to tail him. At several points, the car cuts in front of his vehicle, and every time Naz speeds up, the white car would close the gap. 

Describing it as the "scariest 10-minute chase", Naz said he called up his Malaysian cousin for help while driving. 

His cousin told him not to stop his car as the other driver is likely trying various "tactics" to make Naz stop – perhaps with the intention of robbing or harming him.

This happened to me last night.. scariest 10mins chase.. in the midst of this chase,i called my jb cuzzy as well. Upon explaining to my cuzzy the situation im in, he immediately told me to not stop as this is not an ordinary speed chase but they are trying any kinds of tactics to make you stop and you know what comes next..i observed and they were about 3 in the car and im alone.. i tried to evade and sped as much to avoid the assailants..be calm and drive steady.. my cuzzy told me to go straight to the police but i have no idea where it is so i proceed straight to meet him at coffeshop with much human traffic..and true enuf after driving along bz traffic, they abandon and exit one of the side road.. so to my fellow loveones n frens, if this happens to you, remember DO NOT STOP.. Either go to the police or to a crowded areas.. #staysafe #bevigilant #drivesafe #spreadawareness

Posted by Naz Bart Morningstar on Monday, November 7, 2022

You can also view the video here.

Naz was also advised to head to a police station, but as he was unsure where the nearest one was, he arranged to meet his cousin at a coffee shop with plenty of human traffic. 

As he approached a busier area, the white car stopped chasing him and exited via one of the side roads. 

"To my loved ones and friends, if this happens to you, remember, do not stop. Either go to the police or to a crowded area," Naz wrote in his post. 

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