S'pore DJ Jade Rasif lets friends try her breast milk after announcing she has given birth

Local DJ and YouTube talk show host Jade Rasif announced in a recent video that she has given birth to her first child.

The new mother revealed on Real Talk, a local YouTube production where she is one of four main hosts, that she had given birth "two weeks ago".

The video was posted on Dec 30 but it is unclear when it was recorded.

In the video about 2018 highlights, she talked about how she is adjusting to being a new mother.

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She describes having to be rushed back to the hospital after missing her night pumping schedule which caused her milk ducts to be clogged and for her to have a 39-degree Celsius fever.

She also added that she has yet to change a diaper and explained a nanny looks after the infant while she works to support her new family.

Although she has not revealed her child's name or gender, one of her co-hosts refers to him as her son.

At the end of the episode, she lets her three other co-hosts try her breast milk that she pumped while on her way to work.

Dew said it "tastes like water".

John described the milk as having a rubber-like aftertaste.

Saffron described it as tasting similar to Marigold milk.