S'pore-based Russian doctor's TikTok video on how to poop when constipated has over 26 million views

She is from Kaliningrad, Russia, but lives in Singapore.

Dr Daria Sadovskaya is a nephrologist, which means she specialises in the kidney.

Regularly dispensing health advice on TikTok, she posted a video in June about how to poop, which has since garnered more than 26 million views, and was recently mentioned in a recent episode of the US comedy sketch show, Saturday Night Live.

@sadovskaya_doctor What to do if you’re constipated and can’t poop? Try this position, it will help you to poop fast. #healthypooping #poopfast #constipationhelp ♬ original sound - Jazzzz

In the quick five-second video subtitled "Can't poop? Try this", she sat on a toilet bowl, pulled her left up to her lap, turned her head to the left and pumped her head forward a few times.

In the caption, the doctor wrote: "What to do if you’re constipated and can’t poop? Try this position, it will help you to poop fast."

The video was recently featured in several foreign media outlets including The Sun, Daily Mail and New York Post.

Based in New York, Saturday Night Live picked up the story on its Nov 18 episode.

During the Weekend Update segment, comedian Michael Che joked: "A doctor from Singapore has gone viral with a video telling people that they can get relief from constipation by sitting on the toilet cross-legged. So that's what they mean when they say criss-cross apple sauce."

"Criss-cross applesauce" is how American teachers tell children to sit cross-legged on the floor in class.

Dr Sadovskaya previously gained media attention for a video where she said you should not poop with your hair down and the follow-up video where she explained why.

Another video that raised eyebrows was one where she said oral sex is the main risk factor in the development of throat cancer.

@sadovskaya_doctor Don’t get scared by it, be aware and know how to protect your health and wellness. #femalehealthtips #femalehealthandwellness #reproductivehealthcare #throatcancerawareness ♬ PAINT THE TOWN RED X CRAZY IN LOVE BY ALTÉGO - ALTÉGO

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