Speeding car rams into Penang restaurant filled with diners

A video of a  black car ramming into a crowded Penang restaurant has been circulating on Facebook.

In the video shared on Facebook user Siakap Keli’s page, a black car was seen speeding on a road before suddenly swerving to the left, knocking aside a motorcycle which was parked by a lamppost and crashing into the establishment. 

According to the video, the incident happened at a Kassim Mustafa Restaurant in Penang on Monday (Jun 5) at around 10.07pm. 

Some customers stood up in shock and attempted to flee as the car veered closer.

As the car crashed into the restaurant, the impact sent tables and chairs flying, and some of the customers were struck by the furniture. 

After the car finally came to a stop, a customer quickly opened the door to the vehicle to help the driver out, while another man was seen running across the street.

There was also smoke being emitted from the car.

In an accompanying caption to the video, Keli wrote:

“Moments of panic when the car skidded and crashed into Kassim Mustafa Restaurant yesterday.

“The one running away from the scene after the crash is a firefighter who rushed to ask for help at a forestation nearby across the road."