Drama on the road: TP officer gives chase to Suzuki Swift driver on foot after crash

A Suzuki Swift driver allegedly tried to flee the scene after getting involved in an accident yesterday (June 6).

It is unclear where and what time exactly the incident occurred, but a video showing the collision's aftermath was posted on YouTube by Francis Teo.

According to the clip, the driver had been involved in a crash with a Traffic Police (TP) bike.  A photo circulating online also shows the damaged white car beside a motorcycle.

In the video, a TP officer was giving chase to the Suzuki Swift driver on foot, while traffic appeared to have come to a standstill.

The man can be seen running to and fro with the officer hot on his heels, while other motorists watched.

Smoke, presumably from one of the vehicles involved in the crash, can also be seen.

It is unknown what happened thereafter.

The video also identified the officer as a 'stealth biker', meaning he is part of the Traffic Police's Special Operations Team (SOT) who clamp down on motorists who commit common traffic offences.

Also known as covert officers, the TP's stealth bikers have been on the roads since June 2016.

Clad in black jackets, the officers ride black 900cc motorcycles that are more manoeuvrable and have proven effective in curbing errant motorists.