Sparks fly after cabby rams into car at Woodlands Avenue 1

A driver ran into a traffic light control box after getting hit by another car while making an U-turn at Woodlands Avenue 1.

The incident happened on Nov 28  at 10.54pm, according to the timestamp on a video posted on

In the video, a car could be seen making a U-turn in front of the petrol station when it was hit by an SMRT cab, after which it accelerated into a traffic light electrical box along the side of the road, creating a shower of sparks.

The collision with the traffic light control box caused all the nearby traffic lights to stop working.

According to a caption accompanying the video, the driver had mistakenly floored the accelerator instead of the brakes, causing the car to lurch forward and collide with the traffic light control box.

The caption also stated that the car later came to a stop on the grass patch nearby. The driver was supposedly unharmed but in shock.

No injuries were reported.

Police investigations are ongoing.