S'poreans show appreciation for community cats in new TikTok trend: "They keep me going, you know"

Stray cats are beloved members of neighbourhood communities in Singapore and several Singaporeans have taken to TikTok to express their appreciation for these felines.

The latest TikTok trend features a soundbite by BenWhoah who says: "I find the most meaning in life ah, is from HDB cats below my block. They keep me going, you know.


cuz @Benwhoah speaking facts here

♬ I LOVE HDB CATS - Benwhoah

"Sometimes when I quarrel with my family ah, I go downstairs, pet pet the cat, I happy already! Thank you, cat ah."



♬ I LOVE HDB CATS - Benwhoah

More than 340 other TikTok users have used the sound to make videos of themselves petting community cats and showering them with love and treats.


i have never resonated so much with a tiktok audio ##sgfyp ##cats ##straycats

♬ I LOVE HDB CATS - Benwhoah