Singaporean woman gets charged $1,300 for Uber rides she didn't take -- and she's not the only one

As we progress to becoming a cashless society, we appreciate services that offer convenience when it comes to payment.

By linking our credit cards to accounts with ridesharing services like Uber and Grab, paying is a breeze.

However, one unlucky Facebook user learnt that convenience sometimes comes at a price.

Jenna Lim experienced a huge shock when she checked her bank account's transaction history.

In a Facebook post on Nov 19, she wrote about how she woke up to a negative amount of -$11.59 in her bank account.

When she checked her transactions from Nov 13 onwards, she realised that they were all made from Uber in US dollars.

The total amount racked up to just over $1,300.

"It would have been worse if I didn't check my bank statement," she wrote. "Just five days and $1.3k gone."

She suspected that somebody had hacked into her account so she tried deleting the card payment in her Uber account but could not do so.

Jenna's post resonated with many online and several people commented that the same thing had happened to them:

In response to Stomp's media query, an Uber spokesman said that Jenna's case has been resolved.

Here is their statement in full:

"Our team is reviewing the incident and will address it accordingly.

"We would like to assure the public that payment information is encrypted when you enter it into the Uber app.

"However, there are myriad reasons why such incidents occur -  including whether the user is maintaining good habits in safeguarding personal information security, whether the device has been compromised, or even issues with the financial institution and its products.

"If you believe your payment information has been stolen from another service and used on Uber, please contact your bank immediately.

"We will work with them to refund the charges.

"If you believe your Uber account has been compromised, you can reach our support team through the help section in the Uber app or at

"We will help reset your password and refund unauthorised trips."

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