Yishun makes its mark in Netflix's promotional video for horror series Stranger Things

Yishun residents have all the more reason to lock their doors at night, now that the supernatural has descended upon the town. 

A clip posted on the Netflix Singapore Facebook page last night (Mar 22) shows a Yishun MRT station sign against a background of the Upside Down, a parallel dimension in the science fiction-horror web television series.  

Colder and darker than our dimension, it is overgrown with root-like tendrils and has spores floating in the air.

Oh, and there's a monster too. 

Halfway through the 11-second clip, a shadow can be seen passing by.

Netizens were amused by the post, which played on the reputation of the northern town being synonymous with strange occurrences

One netizen called Yishun the "Upside Down of Singapore", while another said, "For non-Yishun residents, enter at your own risk."

Some were also offended by the post.

One netizen commented:

"Lame, not funny... been living here my whole life, wasn't so bad like 10 years ago... who to blame?"