Yay or nay? Petition to ban e-scooters in Singapore

Electric scooters (e-scooters) have come under scrutiny after a rise in the number of accidents involving e-scooter riders, and a petition has been set up by netizens to ban the use of e-scooters in Singapore. 

Recently, there have been cases of e-scooter riders speeding and recklessly riding on roads, and pedesterians being knocked down by e-scooters. 

One such case is the incident where an e-scooter rider was travelling at close to 80 km/h.

Another case sees a youth on an e-scooter riding recklessly and endangering his life by overtaking a bus on the road. 

Just last month, a woman riding a bicycle was hit by an e-scooter and died shortly after. 

A 22-year-old died after he fell off an e-scooter and suffered fatal head injuries for not wearing a safety helmet. 

Do you think that the petition is too extreme of a measure? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.