Woman books Uber ride from HarbourFront to Sentosa but ends up going on 1-hour "city tour"

It should not have taken more than 10 minutes but a woman's Uber ride from HarbourFront to Sentosa ended up taking an hour.

Twitter user @ppariah had booked an Uber to get her to her workplace in Sentosa and took a screenshot of the route that appeared to her on her app.

The route seemed straightforward enough, with the driver just needing to take the bridge over to Sentosa and make two turns.

The proposed price was just $4.41 for UberPool or from $5.46 for an UberX.

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However, she ended up paying $14.50 for the ride and took another screenshot of the route her driver had taken.

The route included unnecessarily going back onto the AYE via Lower Delta Road before returning to HarbourFront on the Keppel Viaduct and finally crossing over to Sentosa.

She wrote on her Twitter page that she ended up being late for work:

"And [I] was almost two hours late for work too [because] of the 30 minute wait + one hour trip smh."