Where's the QC? Mum shocked to find book with grossly obscene images in S'pore libraries

Stomper Maria’s friend and her daughter were in the National Library on Saturday (Dec 17) when her daughter found a book titled 'Radiator Days' on a trolley, featuring obscene images of illustrated characters performing lewd acts.

When her daughter showed her the images,  the concerned parent subsequently complained to the librarian on duty but could not get a satisfying answer.

Maria’s friend then related the incident to Maria, so as to prevent the same thing from happening to her child. 

Yesterday, when Maria went to the Woodlands Regional Library to look for the book, to verify her friend’s recount, she was horrified to see that the title was widely available in various different library branches. 

Upon borrowing it,  Maria was disturbed to find images of characters performing oral sex and lewd activities in the book. 

She said:

"How can a book that is rigged with obscene graphics depicting oral sex, lewd activities and crude language, be allowed in our libraries?

"Many of the stories revolve around adult themes and sexualised content. 

“The libraries are frequented by children and they may innocently stumble upon such content even if this was meant for the adult section.

“Moreover, the book cover is also attractive and does not reveal anything about the adult content inside."

Stomp has done a search on the book, and found that the author's self-description of the content "range from the charming to the obscene." 

This comes in light of another separate incident, when Popular bookstores removed lewd comic books from shelves after a public backlash.