What is Singapore best at? This world map reveals all

Singapore has been deemed to be the country with the healthiest people in a world map designed by information designer David McCandless showing what each country is top at.  

There are also various interesting titles given to other countries. Lithuania has the fastest WiFi, UK has the most billionaires while Norway has the most pizza eaters. 

According to India Today, Singapore is top in health with an overall grade of 89.45%.

Click here to see an enlarged version of the map.

The grade was made up of various consideration: Birth, mortality rates, causes of deaths and health risks such as number of young people who smoke, people suffering from high cholesterol, and number of immunisation. 

Indeed, Singapore's healthcare is not one to be overlooked, but there are many other potential titles to be given. They include Singapore's students being top in math and scienceSingapore being the country with biggest light pollution as well as Singapore having the best airport

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