Speeding driver slams car right into back of lorry on ECP

The following post was uploaded by Celine Chong on the Singapore Taxi Driver Facebook group last Friday (Sep 30).

She had uploaded an image of the damaged car as well as the footage of the crash to remind motorists to remain vigilant at all times.

According to the footage, the accident had taken place on Thursday (Sep 29), at around 10am, along the roads of ECP highway. 

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"This post is to CREATE AWARENESS on being VIGILANT on the roads especially when ferrying Pax. Be it you are a TD or a U/G driver here in this group. Pls drive safely...

Accident happened yesterday on ECP, U/G private hire car driven by young driver crashed into rear of Lorry..."

From 0:49s, you'll notice the car speeding right behind the lorry, and crashing into the rear directly, landing in the middle of the road with it's hood flung open.

To all motorists, please remain vigilant at all times.