Getai veteran Wang Lei once stole $2,000 from cancer-stricken mum to gamble

Getai veteran Wang Lei shared the real life story of how he got sucked into betting and gambling, and how he overcame his problem with the help of his family.

Mr Chee Hong Tat shared a video by National Council on Problem Gambling, directed by Jack Neo, on Aug 27.

He wrote, "Don't gamble your life, your family and your happiness away." 

In the video, Wang Lei shared how he left school at Primary 5, started working, and earned twenty dollars a day.

He was convinced by gamblers to bet on horse racing. He was unwilling to lose the money he made for the day but did not want to be looked down upon by his friend, who said it was a 'sure win'.  

After that, he was hooked and became 'God of Gamblers'.

He sought out his friends and relatives time and again to recoup his losses, until they did not want to help him anymore and avoided him.

He shared a never-before-told story about his mother, who was hospitalised for cancer. When she was away, he saw cash in her drawer -- and took two thousand dollars.

Watch the video below for his life turned for the worse and how he turned his life away from problem gambling.