Video showing men in SCDF uniform having sex being investigated by Police

Police are investigating a video that shows two young men in the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) uniform having sex.

The video, titled 'SCDF boys shimy' was uploaded on a streaming site, where it has since garnered nearly 18,000 views.

It is unclear when or where exactly the clip was filmed, but a link to the video was also posted on the forum of this morning (Sep 28).

The men in the video could not be identified. One guy's face was out of the frame while the other, clad in an SCDF uniform and bent over a desk, had his face censored.

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According to The Straits Times,  SCDF said it has reported the film to the police.

They said in a statement: "SCDF takes a serious view of the matter and has lodged a police report. The police are investigating the matter for an offence under the Films Act."

It is an offence to make, reproduce or distribute an "obscene film" under section 29 of the Act.