Uber driver unhappy with new changes -- like travelling great distances only to earn very low fare

Though Uber is a convenient way for riders to get around Singapore, some drivers beg to differ.

Just last night (Nov 13), a fellow Uber driver made a Facebook live video to address issues that Singaporean Uber drivers are currently facing after new implementations are made to the system. 

These are the four points Facebook user Ang Ku Kuay had voiced out: 

1. Not to assign pick-ups too far away from drivers 

2. Travel time to pick up passengers should not be longer than the ride itself

3. Re-implement 'Leave a note' feedback option

4. Compensate drivers for time wasted in a jam 

"To the technical team, please do not assign us (Uber drivers) to pick-ups that are more than eight minutes away," said Ku Kuay. 

"Also, drivers should not be penalised for cancelling calls, especially for part-time drivers. Having to travel so far just to drive the rider to a nearby destination is already unprofitable for us," he added. 

Ku Kuay then went on to recount his recent experience of going through a traffic jam and picking up a rider at VivoCity, only to end up driving the rider to the opposite side of the road.

Said Ku Kuay: 

"You do not want us (drivers) to take 10 minutes to travel to pick up a passenger, only to deliver a four-minute ride." 

A month ago, another Uber driver had also shared about his experience being a driver for one week, and shared the many valuable lessons he had learned.

You can watch the video here, and let us know what you think about the points addressed in the comments section below.