That's not cool, bro! Malaysian S'pore PR curses Singaporeans to be infected by Zika virus in rant on Facebook

A netizen's rant against Singaporeans has sparked an online dispute on Facebook.

Stomper Ah Boy brought the thread to Stomp's attention via WhatsApp.

The Facebook user got local netizens riled up when he criticized Singaporeans for being keyboard warriors and for having "nothing to do" in retaliation to comments under a news post regarding vehicles needing to be sprayed with insect repellant before entering Malaysia.

According to netizens and his own comments, the user was born in Malaysia but is a Singapore Permanent Resident and works in Singapore now.

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As more and more users entered the conversation, he started to get hostile and ranted about "foreign talent", even slamming Joseph Schooling for being trained in the United States.

He then hit out and "cursed" Singaporeans to be infected by the Zika virus "non-stop".

Ah Boy wondered if these comments were truly necessary or even deserved.

This incident was also featured on All Singapore Stuff.

Check out the comments in the gallery above.