Rabbit welfare group rescues 12 rabbits from Hougang owner: The rabbits were so hungry that they ate newspaper

Submitted by Stomper Salamat

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Bunny Wonderland, a rabbit welfare group, was alerted to a case of overbreeding at Block 921 Hougang Street 91 on Wednesday (May 3). 

Stomper Salamat, whose friends are members of Bunny Wonderland, told Stomp that the owner of the rabbits was given a pair of breeding rabbits by a friend and had been breeding them for the past two years.

The owner told the group that he gave some rabbits away but kept the rest.

At the time of rescue, the group found 12 adult rabbits cramped into a filthy cage left on the corridor.

Although the owner claimed that the rabbits were ‘doing fine’, he admitted that he had gotten busy in recent years and could only feed and clean the cage once a week. 

When the group confronted him to release the rabbits, he reportedly agreed to find a new home for five of the rabbits, but insisted on keeping the remaining seven for the purpose of breeding.

The case was referred to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) which subsequently advised the owner to release all 12 of his rabbits, to which the owner complied.

The 12 rabbits were found to be in severe conditions upon rescue, with some adults weighing a mere 700g.

They also sported dirty, matted fur and untrimmed, curling nails. 

Salamat added that some of the rabbits were so hungry that they had resorted to eating the newspaper in the cage.

When the rabbits were delivered to a vet for treatment, they also tested positive for coccidia, a form of parasite.

Said Salamat:

“The medical bills are over $8,000 and they (Bunny Wonderland) really need all the financial help they can get.

“These cases of abuses are quite common, and in this case, the owner was not remorseful for his actions at all!

“I’m a pet owner myself and I hope stricter procedures can be enforced at pet shops to stop such irresponsible owners from impulsive buying and abusing them.”