Orange Clove Catering staffer helps injured elderly woman cross road in Yishun -- and even walks her to clinic

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Stomper Indra, a staffer of Orange Clove Catering, was driving along Yishun Avenue 5 yesterday (Dec 11) at around 5pm while making a delivery when he saw an elderly woman alighting from a car at the side of the road.

His colleague in the passenger seat, Chin Hwa, noticed that the woman had trouble walking, and told the Stomper that he wanted to get down to help her.

Indra then turned on his hazard lights at a traffic junction while Chin Hwa kind-heartedly got down to assist the woman.

Said the Stomper in a Facebook message and telephone interview:

"The woman looked to be in her 70s. I think her left leg was swollen.

"After my colleague alighted, he walked her to the clinic while I went to park my vehicle to wait for him.

"We were delayed for about 10 minutes but it was ok.

"I was very touched by his actions."