Job search company demands S'porean woman pay S$1K for 'causing inconvenience' after she lodges police report

A 48-year-old woman was told that she had to pay a fine of S$1,000 for ‘causing inconvenience’ after lodging a police report, accusing a website of having taken S$250 from her and not upholding the end of their bargain to help in her job search. 

Despite the shady clause mentioned in the contract, the woman decided ultimately to make a police report, reports Lianhe Wanbao.

The victim told reporters that she had come across an advertisement for a job which offered S$2,500 monthly for an administrative role.

After contacting the company offering the job, she was told to go to an office in Tanjong Pagar for an interview. 

Upon reaching the interview venue however, she discovered that the company was a job search company and that she was required to make a payment of S$250 before she would be introduced to the actual company which was hiring.

According to the victim, the point of contact had greatly recommended their job search services and claimed to have close working relationships with many companies:

“They guaranteed results and even told me: ‘If you don’t get a job after engaging our services, we will refund you the S$250.’

Eager to find a job at that point, the victim did not thought much of it and went home to await news from the company.

However, after a few weeks, there was still no response from them.

Said the victim:

“I tried going down to the office a few times to ask for a refund, but they rejected my request every time and told me to wait for them to contact me.”

She finally could not tolerate it anymore and decided to lodge a police report, accusing the company of taking her money and not delivering on its promises. 

Before lodging the report, she flipped through the contract and realised that there was a clause that stated if the person who had signed the contract were to lodge a police report, he or she would be breaching the terms of contract and be subjected to a S$1,000 'inconvenience fee'.

The victim felt ‘shocked and threatened’ upon reading the terms, but ultimately chose to report the case to both the police and Consumers Association Of Singapore (CASE).

Said the victim:

“I hope that no one ends up like me.

“Those who are looking for jobs eagerly, please be more careful.”

The victim also added that she had met several more victims who had accused said company of the same misdeed, including one who had paid over S$600.