IQ level 1000: Cyclist falls after crossing road while using phone

Attention to digital technology might be detrimental to us once it takes over our priorities such as our safety. 

A man in a blue shirt was riding his bicycle on a zebra crossing last Fri (Feb 10) but he did not pay attention to his surrounding or where he was heading because his eyes were glued to his phone's screen.

All Singapore Stuff featured a video on Facebook from Jass Sandhu which shows his carelessness and the post received many comments about the rider's lack of helmet.

In the dash camera footage, another man also rode a bicycle on the same zebra crossing without a helmet but he was turning his head to check on the road. 

However, a few Facebook users pointed out how it is already wrong to cross any roads while still riding a bicycle and riders are supposed to get off from it and proceed to walk across instead.

Towards the end of the video, a motorcyclist did stop at the area and showed his concern for the fallen biker who was struggling to get up on his bike once again.

Watch the video below.