I badge-ew can't count how many items there are on this happy SBS bus commuter

Submitted by Stomper Lyn

If you need someone to brighten up your day, you've come to the right place.

Stomper Lyn sent Stomp photos showing an elderly man in an SBS bus with a many colourful badges pinned onto his clothing. 

His fancy outfit was topped of with a huge, blue-coloured hat decorated with a miniature lion dance head and other unique ornaments.

Lyn shared her experience in a telephone interview:

"I boarded the bus at Jurong West yesterday (Oct 29) at around 11.30am. That was when I saw the man.

"He was happily waving his hands and feet while seated. 

"The passengers on the bus seemed to enjoy his performance.

"I asked if I can take a photo and he gladly said yes.

"He explained to me that the badges are one-of-a-kind and cannot be found anymore.

"I got off the bus thereafter at around 11.40am.

"He was still there when I took the same bus again to go back at around 1.30pm."

Thank you, uncle for putting a smile on commuters' faces!"