Not everyone can see what this interesting image on wall at Yishun is supposed to be

Submitted by Stomper unknown_sg

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Stomper unknown_sg was intrigued by the image on a creative wall that he came across in Yishun Central.

The wall was part of a structure for construction works but had an interesting picture on it, which people might miss at first glance.

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Said the Stomper:

"I was at Yishun Central when I saw a towering structure that is apparently used to decrease noise from a construction site.

"However, the thing that caught my eye was what appeared to be patches of green and brown on the structure.

"Can you see it? (They say only 10% of humanity can see it, and once you see it, you can't un-see it LOL)

"It's a pixelated image of a tree! How interesting because I am sure this thing is going to be there for a few months. I think they are building a polyclinic there BUT with an image like that, it creates a nice art to it.

"KUDOS to whoever thought of it."

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