First it was poop, now it's urine that's stinking up MRT train?

Submitted by Stomper Esther

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Stomper Esther witnessed a disgusting sight on board an MRT train at Tanah Merah on Nov 17 at around 6pm.

In an email to Stomp, Esther said that she saw what she thought was urine on two seats in a train cabin.

Said the Stomper:

"There was a pool of water on the reserve seats. One was covered with one piece of soiled tissue. The other seat was covered with a piece of newspaper that had a stain on it. 

"I suspect it was urine because of its smell. I tried to stand away from this two seats.

"I highlighted the incident to the station staff when I got off the train at Tampines MRT station.

"I am not sure who dirtied the seat or who placed the paper there because when I boarded the train the two seats were empty.

"I feel sad. It never crossed my mind that such a uncivilised things can happened in our trains. 

"I feel that the person responsible should remove the soiled newspaper after he/she gets off the train and inform the station about the incident so that they can get a cleaner to clean up the mess at the next station."