Is that poop on the train?

Submitted by Stomper Sonia

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Stomper Sonia was on a train with her friend this morning (Nov 16) when she came across a piece of poop lying on the floor. 

Said the Stomper: 

"I was on my way to school with my friend at 7.45am. 

"When the train had stopped at Dhoby Ghaut MRT station, we noticed a pungent smell.

"People from the other cabins walked through our way, and to our surprise, we saw a small piece of poop lying on the floor."

The photos in the gallery above show a train staff attending to the crappy situation, while a commuter at the back is seen covering her nose with jacket. 

However, an uncle on a reserved seat looks unfazed by the piece of fece plopped a stone's throw from his feet.

"The staff then used two pieces of newspaper to cover up the poop," Sonia added. 

No one knows where the poop came from, but one thing for sure, is that the commuters were rather pooped.