Ewww! Dozens of cockroaches infest corridor at Blk 8 North Bridge Rd

It's bright sunny day and you cannot wait to start your day with a good run, you open the door only to be greeted by a corridor filled with huge cockroaches scurrying around.

Sounds gross? Imagine having to put up with this every single day for five months now.

Yup. This is unfortunately the plight of Stomper LYH and her next door neighbours who live on the 13th floor of Block 8 at North Bridge Road.

Now you might be wondering where the heck are these cockroaches coming from? Fogging is definitely out of the question since this is the 13th floor...and this problem has been going on everyday now.

These cockroaches come from... *shudders* her next door neighbour's home.


According to the Stomper, the cockroaches have been coming from the smelly and untidy unit #13-4094. And despite telling the neighbour off multiple times to clean her home, she simply ignores.

Said the Stomper:

"The cockroaches invade the entire corridor of the 13th floor, and both me and my family feel really disgusted every time we see this scary sight.

"We live on the right side after coming out of the lift, so there are many more cockroaches here as compared to on the other side of the floor. 

"Many neighbours have been badly affected by this that they have many tins of insectiside outside their homes on standby, and if you look at the pictures clearly, you can see the stains of the spray on the floor very clearly.

"If not the insect spray, they take to placing many naphthalene balls outside their doorsteps to prevent cockroaches from invading their homes."

What a nightmare right!? The Stomper has brought up the situation to the relevant authorities and we sure hope their problem gets solved once and for all.