Dear goondu e-scooter rider, please don't blame motorists if you get into an accident

The number of accidents involving e-scooters have been on the rise of late and this video circulating on Facebook only further fuels controversy involving the device.

In the video uploaded by user Jennifer Phua and shared on Singapore Taxi Driver Facebook page, an e-scooter rider can be seen on the road, recklessly cutting through the lanes and was nearly knocked down by a motorcycle. 

The e-scooter rider is seen swiftly riding along and hogging the second lane, and only switches to another one after coming dangerously close to an approaching motorcyclist. 

The caption of the video  expressed disbelief at the e-scooter rider's behaviour. It reads:

"If an accident happens, I would be an eye witness and account that no driver or biker is at fault. Just watch for yourself.

"Sooner or later, this young chap will pay a price for his foolish actions." 

Watch the video below.