Instead of sheltering kid from rain, man shouts at and hits him

Stomper XQ was concerned to see how harshly a man was treating a young boy near Block 806 King George Avenue last Friday (Aug 19).

According to her, the guy was shouting at and slapping the kid, which can also be seen in a video that XQ had recorded from her home.

The clip starts off with the man gesturing angrily at the child with an umbrella, before throwing it down onto the ground.

He also also be seen sheltering himself from the rain with another umbrella while the boy walks along in the rain.

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Said the Stomper:

"No matter how bad the kid is, shouldn't treat him like that.

"As seen in the video, the dad seems to have violence or stress that's causing him to treat the child like this.

"The child is so pitiful. Felt sad for him. I hate this kind of guys!"

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