Cute 'dino egg' in Bugis brings more surprises than you can imagine

Submitted by Stomper Ash

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Stomper Ash was amused to see this cute 'dinosaur egg' mascot in the Bugis area on Oct 28.

This is part of a promotional event by the Singapore Zoo to publicise its new Zoo-rassic Park attraction.

The 'egg' is making an appearance at various locations in Singapore from Oct 28 to 30.

Anyone who takes a photo with it and then posts the picture on Instagram will stand to win a chance to meet the egg’s parents and the dino clan at Zoo-rassic Park.

Stomper Ash said:

"Was around the Bugis area and spotted a really cute-looking dinosaur egg walking around.

"Lots of people were taking pictures with it so I also took some too.

"Can have a chance to win free tickets for Zoorassic Park if you upload the pictures onto Instagram with #zoorassicparksg.

"They said dinosaurs are coming next month to the Zoo and River Safari."